Great Paleo Diet Sweets Recipes

Are you one of the many people who are interested in the Paleo Diet but are afraid that you couldn’t compeltely give up sweets? Well, don’t worry – because yes, you can be Paleo and eat dessert too! All you need are some good paleo diet dessert recipes.

Like a gluten-free diet, wheat flour is out but flours made from nuts are OK. Most paleo followers avoid all dairy products, so coconut oil is often used as a substitute for butter. And thankfully things like Almond milk are allowed as well (which means that YES – you can make ICE CREAM!!) Some paleo followers use no sugar at all, while others will use honey and maple syrup in small amounts. But as I discussed earlier – I believe that natural sweeteners such as stevia and maple syrup (in moderation) are allowable.

If you are experienced in the kitchen and have lots of time on your hands, feel free to work your old recipes with Paleo food substitutions and see what works. If you are like me and don’t have that much time or desire to spend that much time in the kitchen, then what you need is a great Paleo diet sweets recipe book. My favorite that is both affordable and easy to read is Paleo Diet Sweets. These paleo diet dessert recipes don’t taste like “diet” desserts. All of your family will be sure to love them – from kids to grownups. And it covers everything from cookies and cakes to jelly and ice cream! Plus it has some great sections on Intro to Fruits and Intro to Nuts as well as excellent converstion tables.

So don’t worry about giving up your sweets when on the Paleo Diet- all you need are the right Paleo Diet Recipes and you can have your cake and eat it too!

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