Reconnecting With What We Eat – The Benefits Of A Gluten-Free Paleo Diet

A society continues to advance in technology and productivity, we are continuously trying to look for ways to streamline the whole human experience, including the things that we eat. Though technology and progress can do a lot of good for us, there are also some negative aspects that follow. One of these negative aspects about our modern society is that we are completely out of touch with what we eat. Think about what you had for breakfast this morning. If you are like many people in the world today, you may have eaten highly a processed cereal or pastry. Chances are you wouldn’t be able to list all the ingredients by memory. This is because of the addition of so many preservatives and other unnatural elements in our food. Overall, this can contribute to a decrease in overall health and energy. This is why a gluten free paleo diet is an excellent way to get back into touch with where food really comes from.

How The Paleo Diet Works

Paleo DietFor thousands and thousands of years, humans were forced to eat only the foods that they could see around them. Think of a caveman and the different types of food he had available to him. Perhaps he was able to eat vegetables or fruits that were readily available, or perhaps he had to hunt in order to get his food. Either way, you can be assured that he knew absolutely each ingredient that went in whatever he ate. This is the general idea of the paleo diet. Not only do we need to know what are the foods that we consume, but also we need to make sure that these foods are completely natural and that our bodies are able to process them correctly. This will allow our bodies to use the thousands and thousands of years of training that they had on how to process it correctly.

Though this may surprise you, grains such as wheat, oats and barley are relatively new to the human experience. For most of their existence, humans have relied on a diet available to hunter gatherer societies. Only fairly recently in the spectrum of time have humans learned agricultural techniques. This means that our bodies can actually be quite intolerant of many different grains that weren’t previously available to our species. If you’ve recently gone to the supermarket, then you are sure to have seen advertisements for gluten-free products. Gluten is a protein that is found in many different grains and evidence shows that many of us are very intolerant to it. This intolerance can cause all sorts of different medical problems and complications.

What Can I Eat If I’m On a Gluten Free Paleo Diet?

You may be asking yourself at this point, “If I can’t eat grains or sugars, what am I supposed to eat?” You’ll be surprised at the many different options that are available to you on a paleo diet. For example, you’re able to eat meat as long as the animals were grass fed rather than grain fed. Grain fed animals will have the same problems as humans have when trying to process proteins such as gluten. Likewise, fish, chicken, duck and turkey are other examples of great sources of protein that you can eat. Just like any other diet, it is important to get your essential nutrients and vitamins. The paleo diet allows you to eat fruits, vegetables, oils, and nuts. This gives you a wide variety of different foods that are available for you to eat. If you are experiencing health problems, or if you want to be healthier in general, then you should consider a gluten-free paleo diet.

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