Sweeteners in Paleo Diet Recipes – An Ongoing Debate

If you are familiar with the Paleo Diet, or even if you are just getting started trying a few Paleo Diet recipes, you may have noticed a bit of debate going on about the use of sweeteners. In my opinion, certain naturally occuring sugars and sweeteners are acceptable, and I use them in many things (including some of my smoothies.) Things such as maple syrup, stevia, sugar in the raw – minimally processed sugars and sweeteners, used in moderation of course, are acceptable.

However, I do not advocate the use of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine (those chemicals are scary!)In most cases, people go Paleo for the simple reason of being healthier. That being said, in moderation, naturally derived or minimally processed sugars likely won’t de-rail your healthy lifestyle. And from that point of view, sweeteners such as stevia tend to be metabolically harmless. However, the risk of eliminating products such as these alltogether runs the risk of making the Paleo Diet an extremely difficult diet to adhere to and so many people would quit.

A healthy lifestyle isnt’ doing anyone any good if no one can stick with it. So all in all, natural sweeteners are allowed in many Paleo diet recipes, but are to be used in moderation. And don’t let the use of a sugar or sweetener derail you from going Paleo altogether. In general the closer to nature, the better for you it will be.

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